— March 1, 2006 at 20:01 PST

The contents of this website are copyrighted by me, Josh Susser. I'm placing all the code examples that appear in the articles in the public domain - feel free to use them for whatever you want, though credit would be appreciated if you are using them in a context where that would be appropriate.

On the other hand, the text of the articles may not be reproduced without my express permission, with the exception that quotes and short excerpts not to exceed 25% of an article are allowed with proper attribution.

Syndication aggregation is a bit tricky to deal with. I'm all for people republishing my feed as part of an aggregate feed if it is transparently equivalent to my own feed. That means no alteration of content, proper attribution including my name, and that the feed links directly back to the original articles on my own website. Scraping my content from my feed and presenting it on your website is a no-no. A full-content feed is not implict permission to republish.