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— July 6, 2011 at 11:37 PDT

We live our modern, high-tech lives immersed in a sea of devices and systems powered at least in part by open source software. It's amazing how much of our lifestyle we owe to the generosity of geeks. I wonder how many non-technical folks appreciate that.

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  1. simonc2011-07-06 14:42:50

    You're right. The cool thing about it is that it gives you the need to be a part of it and to make something great on your own and share it to the world.

    It's some kind of virtuous circle, or something like that :)

  2. Jon-Paul Lussier2011-07-06 15:46:31

    Given the perceived impact that open knowledge sharing has had, I would say that all of humanities current era is owed to geek/computer-culture persons. I think non-technical people are intimidated by the level of affluence a small percentage of individuals have when it comes to our culture(and by comparison, those peoples inability to comprehend); this leads others to disregard the level of effort and energy put into their daily lives. In theory, the robot revolution will sort it all out.

  3. Josh Susser2011-07-06 16:06:10

    Jon-Paul, I don't disagree. But my point was about open source contributions, which are done from generosity, not for pay. They are essentially gifts to humanity.

  4. greg2011-07-07 00:28:16

    they don'y know nothing about open source

  5. Jack Dempsey2011-07-07 01:08:12

    I think many don't realize how widespread it is, and don't appreciate it nearly enough. Hopefully that changes more over time as things like Android become mainstream, cheap laptops running linux, etc.

  6. Neil2011-07-07 03:39:08

    Not enough, Josh. The majority of non-technical folk need a slap round the face. They should appreciate that every open source project makes humanity increasingly immersed in, locked-in to, and dependent on technology (unequivocally a good thing) and, therefore, leads to them spending more of their lives staring in to a screen and more likely to inherit the behavior of the geeks themselves (widely accepted as the most outgoing, charismatic, and physically healthy of all the stereotypes). The World is a wonderful place, and life is there to be lived - so let's experience it all through a sea of devices.

  7. Mark Wilden2011-07-22 23:15:49

    I don't think it's generosity. We program because we love to program. Open source lets more people appreciate our work. We like it when people appreciate our work. I would guess that most open-source contributors make six figures. I think it's awesome that we can do so AND help the world.

  8. rue2011-09-20 12:03:52

    No, I don't think it's at all correct to assume most open source contributors make six figures, but all do enjoy coding.

    Original message heartily endorsed.

  9. Rick Ossim2011-09-20 12:11:05

    It's not just generosity, it's a better economic model for both the greater good and the interests of the contributors. Open-source contributions challenge common notions of self-interest.

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