GoGaRuCo 2010

— July 8, 2010 at 12:15 PDT

Hi readers, long time! I've been meaning to post but you know how things get with work and yoga and all that. Also, I've been kind of busy working on organizing Golden Gate RubyConf 2010 for a while. The great news is that we're on!

It took us longer than we wanted to find a venue good enough to do justice to such a great group of people, but we finally found an awesome spot. The conference will be at the UCSF Mission Bay conference center on September 17-18. Registration is now open! We'll have more room than last year but space is still finite, so don't delay. Early bird pricing is available through next week.

We've announced an initial group of speakers and have more on the way. Right now we're focusing on invited talks, but we may have some room for people to submit talk proposals - we'll pretty know soon and will let you know. Follow @gogaruco on Twitter for announcements and new speaker updates.

Just like last year it will be a single-track conference on a Friday and Saturday. Moving the conference to September means that we'll have great weather too. The venue is really top-notch with great facilities.

We did kind of spaz by doing the conference on Yom Kippur (what would my mother say?), and I'm sorry if that is a conflict for people who would like to be there. There are only so many weekends in a year and none of them are perfect...

Go check out the site for info and to register: http://gogaruco.com/

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