It's a wrap!

— June 4, 2009 at 08:45 PDT

We're finally getting all our after-conference activities completed. The most exciting thing is that we just got our conference media online. We have video and audio recordings of the Golden Gate Ruby Conference technical sessions! Pivotal Labs sponsored the recordings, and is hosting them at - you can watch them there or download the files to watch later, or get them from the iTunes podcasts.

We also are trying something new (for Ruby confs, at least). We have put together a 42 page PDF zine, the Golden Gate Ruby Wrap, in order to document the conference, the speakers, the sessions, and the attendees. There are a lot of photos of the event, speaker bios, talk write-ups, and even interviews with attendees. It's the official record of the conference (as official as we get, anyway), and it's free.

Just because people have been asking, I'll say that Matt Aimonetti's talk on CouchDB is not included in the talk videos. Matt didn't want to offend anyone else, so he asked the talk recording not be released. Please don't ask for a copy privately, as I can't help you out. However, there is a great write-up of Matt's talk in the Wrap.

I'd also encourage you to check out the gogaruco blog posts at Pivotal Labs - there are articles for every session at the conference. Sarah Allen also blogged many of the sessions at her site. Know of any other good posts about sessions? Let us know in the comments.

And if you want to see how things looked, there are a lot of good photos up on flickr.

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  1. phoenyx2009-06-04 10:05:18

    Excellent. I've heard that it was a great conference. Thanks for sharing these with us.

  2. Jim James2009-06-04 15:03:33

    Josh and team,

    The GGR Wrap is outstanding! Nicely done for the sponsors, terrific reading and good reference for diving into some of the really interesting talks. Beautifully done and of real value. Thanks.


  3. Xavier Celibataire2009-07-12 23:03:53

    You have a lot of photos with the participants or speakers. Seams to have been a pretty large conference. The first picture shows the room, but it is half empty though. How many people attended the conference?

  4. Josh Susser2009-07-12 23:26:24

    @Xavier: We had 200 attendees. The main floor of the hall was set up for 200 seats, but quite a few people found spots upstairs and in the cush seats on the sides of the room. The seats weren't all that comfortable, so I'm glad people were able to spread out and get comfortable.

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