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— June 6, 2008 at 09:57 PDT

I'm finally recovered from RailsConf. Wish I could say the same thing for my car, which seems to have gone into a major funk from being ignored so much. Anyway, it's been cool reading all the aftermath posts and seeing people's thoughts and analysis of the conf. MagLev seems to be getting a lot of the attention, and I'm eager to see how things develop with it.

If you missed me at the conf, or saw me but just can't get enough of me, here's some links to a couple interviews people did with me there.

Gregg Pollack did some very nice video spots with many of the conf speakers. His RailsConf in 36 Minutes video is great. If you don't want to watch the whole thing (but why wouldn't you?), he posted the interview with me separately too.

Fabio Akita did some great podcast interviews at RailsConf. You can grab mine directly too.

As I said in my chat with Fabio, the next thing I'm going to do is release the Teldra code on GitHub. Stay tuned, it shouldn't be too long now.

Happy Friday!

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  1. JĂșlio Santos Monteiro2008-06-06 10:32:06

    Haha, I liked the article's title.

    Congratulations, Josh. Nice interview!

  2. Randal "sw0rdfish" Santia2008-06-06 10:48:28

    Hey Josh,

    Loved the talk... even though we couldn't see you...not making out the "it" was really hurting me inside.

    I look forward to the Telsa code... I'm using Wordpress, and as you can see by following my link... it doesn't really do it for me... looking forward to working with something I can get my hands dirty with.

  3. Zach Inglis2008-06-07 13:44:15

    It was cool meeting you mate.

    Will checkout some of Fabio's interviews.

  4. Scott Chacon2008-06-07 17:03:12

    Yeah, sorry again for interrupting Fabios interview with you - I didn't see the ipod with the dingus recording! For everyone that hears that scraping sound in the middle, that's me moving a hub around on the desk :)

    Made me feel a bit better when Nick did the same thing, though. It was fun seeing you guys around so much, please thank all the Pivots for their great hospitality and free beer on Saturday night.


  5. Mark2008-06-15 13:45:02

    RailsConf in 36 minutes - really good video!

  6. Julien Palmas2008-07-02 01:09:59

    Hi Josh,

    I've been reading your blog for a few months now and I really do appreciate it ;-) I'm running my own blog about agile web dev and the engine I use at the moment is Mephisto.

    I quite share your feeling about how big Mephisto is and how its develepment rate is too slow. I'll be more than happy to give a whirl at Teldra when it'll be out on github !

    And if you ever need a beta tester, feel free to ask :-)



  7. Justus2008-08-14 11:51:38

    Hi Josh, I saw some links in your article. As for me I'd prefer to read the interview then to watch the whole video. I see that the next thing you are going to do is to release the Teldra code on GitHu, I hope it shouldn't be long either.

  8. Edgardo2008-08-21 10:24:40

    Hi, Josh, I saw your video- RailsConf in 36 minutes. It is really a good video. It was the whole one. Nevertheless, thanks. Let me know about something new.

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