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— May 27, 2008 at 23:17 PDT

Seems like only last week that I was in Portland for RailsConf, but it was a whole year ago. That means it's time to do it again. I'm looking forward to the conference and getting to soak in all the Railsness. The program looks excellent this year, though I doubt Joel Spolsky can top Ze Frank or _why.

I always like to meet my readers, so please do say hi. If you want to know where to find me, I've got a few fixed points on my schedule:

  • 7:30pm Thursday - Pivotal Labs BoF. We were going to talk about our open source projects, but instead we're going to talk about the agile development process and Rails.
  • 12:30pm Friday - Book Signing. I've got a recipe in Mike Clark's new Advanced Rails Recipes book, and a bunch of us contributors will be signing copies. Look for us in the Powell's Books booth. I'm pretty sure Mike is buying me some Scotch for this, so make it worth his while.
  • 4:25pm Saturday - The Great Test Framework Dance-off. I'm doing a talk comparing the most popular test frameworks. I don't know if it will be Adam Keyes level great, but I promise there won't be karaoke.
  • 9:00pm-Midnight Saturday - Pivotal Labs Beer Night. Free drinks, food and pool. At the Rock Bottom Brewery, 206 SW Morrison St.

Also we're raffling off a Nintendo Wii in our swiipstakes on Saturday. Come to the BoF on Thursday to get one of our shirts, or if you can't be there you can make nice with a pivot later to scam one if we have extras. If a pivot spots you in a shirt over the next three days you can get a raffle ticket. (Wear the shirt while presenting a talk to get two tickets!) Then come to the beer night for the Wii raffle (must be present to win).

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  1. Giles Bowkett2008-05-28 08:07:15

    Joel Spolsky, probably not. Kent Beck, though? Maybe!

  2. Jorge2008-08-25 13:31:12

    Hello, Josh, thank you for this information. I have studied all your points in Portland. I think it was fascinating. Yes, you are right that the program looked excellent this year. I was not able to find you in the conference, I was abroad, you see. Let me know about anything else.

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