— April 10, 2008 at 14:30 PDT

If you hadn't heard, GitHub had their public launch today. Congratulations to Chris, Tom and PJ on such an awesome product. I'm sure there's a bright future there.

I keep getting surprised by how different using GitHub is for me. Last week someone I never met or had even heard of found my migration_condordance repo and submitted a fixes for two bugs. It wasn't quite as big a thrill as my first kiss, but I sure got more of a rush from that than from seeing Beowulf in 3-D IMAX. On the other hand, when I saw someone else stopped watching my repo I was actually a bit sad. Yes, this is geek social networking with both value and impact.

You've probably heard that the Ruby on Rails is moving the official repo to GitHub. It's not active as of this writing, but give it a few hours. It's now active at I'm looking forward to seeing what this does to the contribution process. I expect there could be a rich ecosystem of forks of Rails where you can see a bunch of variations integrated into a consistent whole. A lot of folks keep what is effectively a fork of Rails, but it's often in the form of a collection of monkey patches. Using git means that those patches can be managed more effectively, and even made available to the public in a form that can be easily consumed. Then it becomes much easier to evaluate whether a change has enough support to justify including it in Rails core - just see how many people are actually using the change, instead of merely of the opinion that it might be useful. I don't know how to track how many people are using a repo that way, but I'm sure someone will think of something - maybe just a count of how many clones were made or tarballs were downloaded.

At any rate, today feels like some kind of milestone. Or perhaps a furlongstone.

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  1. James Zhuo2008-04-11 17:15:38

    What are the strength of using Git over say SVN or is this just a Ruby community thing?

  2. Sebastian2008-04-12 01:23:26

    You can migrate, but more important are rules...

  3. Lukasz Nowak2008-04-18 08:29:52

    I'm really happy that polish user works on GitHub and leave commit (patch) for Rails.

  4. Erick2008-04-20 10:00:29

    Nice, is there any difference for normal rails developer?

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