Saying Goodbye to New York, Speaking at nyc.rb

— December 8, 2008 at 20:41 PST

As my extended silence here has probably indicated, New York has been keeping me busy. It's been a crazy, hectic, and wonderful couple of months. I learned a lot, met some great people, and ate way too much pizza. I've also achieved that particular New York state of mind where I'm no longer phased by anything. However, this is my last week in New York before I return home to my beautiful city of San Francisco. I'm going to miss a lot about New York, but not the winter weather. Seriously, 25 degrees is not a reasonable temperature, and whoever thought so should be fired.

I didn't manage to post a note about it here, but last month I delivered a keynote talk at Voices that Matter: Professional Ruby Conference (which I affectionately christened ObieConf). My talk was Ruby: Fragile or Agile? I guess by the time I got them my talk info they were too busy to update the site so there's no description on the site, but the talk was about Ruby's destiny, and how lessons learned from when C++ ate Smalltalk's lunch could be instructive in guiding Ruby's future. I'll be reprising the talk tomorrow night (perhaps tonight by the time you read this (or yesterday if you're a feed slacker)) at the nyc.rb meeting.

The Pivotal office here in NY is coming along nicely. We've hired a few locals and moved into a bigger space, so we're ready to rock. And our first NY office production launched recently - Oh by the way, I'm starting to do more blogging on the Pivotal Labs technical blog, Pivotal Blabs. My most recent post is about using ActiveRecord internals to easily generate subselects.

I've got a few topics queued up to blog about on here too, so I'm hoping I'll be able to catch up some shortly. Stay tuned.

Oh yeah, I got to try a lot of the pizza suggestions. I really liked Grimaldi's, Lombardi's, and Two Boots. But man, Caracas Arepa Bar beats pizza nearly any day.

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  1. Stevo2008-12-09 04:48:02

    Mmmmmmmm! Lombardis!

    You bastard - now you got me crying for real pizza. :*( They just dont do it the same in Spain.

    While you are there, check out Sushi Samba for chino-latino fusion, or 5 Burro Cafe for REAL mexican fare. Cafe Habana is THE spot for cuban and you can't sleep on that tiny Indian joint on 6th and Avenue A, or thai @ Penang's, or Spice Market for that 10 million $ ambience and tasty dishes, or Blue Ribbon Sushi ... aww man im getting HUNGRY!

  2. Josh Susser2008-12-09 05:23:49

    Stevo: YES YES YES to Blue Ribbon Sushi. I've been there twice, it's awesome. And so is the little pierogie deli on 1st near St Marks. If I stayed here in NY I'd get so huge...

  3. Foodstr2009-01-05 07:42:40

    you did but eat pizza? oh, hum, do NY-ers/SF-ers like pizza that much? I thought chicago is famous for pizza ... congrats for your office though! :-)

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