Who are these guys?

— April 10, 2007 at 03:40 PDT

It seems I don't have much time for updating the blog these days. I have a couple posts I've been wanting to write, but we'll seen when I manage to get them written. In the mean time, we just hired our fifth Rubyist at Powerset. Welcome, Dave! Here's what we look like when we can't agree on what kind of picture we're taking:

say cheese

So who are my compadres? That's me on the left, then Tom Werner, Chris Van Pelt, Kevin Clark, and our newest addition Dave Fayram who comes to us from Mog.com. (Dave, where's your blog, man?)

And as long as I'm posting something... The full speaker list for SDForum SVRC is now posted. But if you can't get to SVRC, I was just asked to reprise my talk a month later at RailsConf, so you can come see me speaking there.

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  1. RedRoot2007-04-13 03:21:31

    I wish successes >:)

  2. topfunky2007-04-13 17:56:58

    To even out this photo, we need Josh to grow a red gotee and Tom to go unshaven for a few days.

  3. Josh Susser2007-04-18 22:15:27

    topfunky: Since that photo was snapped, Kevin has been replaced by his goatee-sporting mirror-universe evil doppleganger, Chris reduced his oncoming beard to a mustache, Tom got a spiffy haircut, and I got my hair done in a ponyhawk like Sanjaya.

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