Happy Blogday

— February 27, 2007 at 21:25 PST

I just noticed my blog is a year old today. Happy birthday, has_many :through!

In the past year I've posted 76 articles and received 566 comments (115 from myself). This blog started on Typo 2.6, was upgraded to Typo 4, then converted to Mephisto 0.7. It's been hosted on DreamHost the whole time, though that may change sometime soon. Two months ago I converted to using FeedBurner for the feeds (kind of necessary for providing RSS since Mephisto only does Atom).

My subscription readership is now just shy of 4000 readers, and rank on Technorati is 38,455 (down from a max a few months ago of about 25K). I still find that a bit hard to believe. Isn't the internet amazing? This blog is the #1 hit on Google for "has many through", but the most amusing stat I have is that if you search on Google for the word "josh", this blog is hit number 8. Come on guys, link me up so I can pass Josh Hartnett!

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  1. Chris B2007-02-27 22:16:00

    Congratulations! If you had a statistic for how many people you've helped untangle their AR associations with your posts, I'm sure that'd be a pretty high number too.

  2. Ted2007-02-28 00:07:04

    Congrats, and I second Chris' motion.

  3. Winsmith2007-02-28 06:24:28

    Thirded. That's exactly how you gained me as a subscriber: By helping me understand has_many :through (the technique)

    Great Job! :)

  4. Josh2007-02-28 14:33:37

    I'll do for you, if you do for me. ;)

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