Everything old is new again

— October 1, 2007 at 16:48 PDT

As you've likely seen in your feed reader about 50 times already, Rails is turning 2.0. The Preview Release has just been announced, which means that 2.0 final is just a few release candidates away. So much has changed over the last year or so that a lot of the older material on this blog is out of date and needs updating for the reality of 2.0. Seems like now is a good time to get going on the rewriting. I'll be digging in and bringing stuff up to date over the next few weeks (months? there are quite a few articles after all).

Here's the list of articles I'm going to be taking a look at. I'm not certain that all need updates, but I think most of them do. If you have a request for something in particular for me to work on sooner, just leave a comment and I'll take that into account. Of course, I'll be updating the Many-to-many Dance-off first!

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  1. Brian Anderson2007-10-01 18:03:05

    Josh, thanks for doing this! I have your site and api.rubyonrails.com open any time I am hacking away at anything mildly complex in rails.

  2. Chris2007-10-01 21:52:36

    Yes, thank you! This is a great resource. It's great to read that you'll be helping us find our way :through Rails 2.0 too.

  3. zerohalo2007-10-02 03:49:51

    Very helpful! Thank you!

  4. August Lilleaas2007-10-02 07:08:04

    Neat! The world has enough outdated blog posts.

  5. charly2007-10-03 13:16:27

    I think this one needs an update :

    Why aren't join models proxy collections?

    with -> pat has_many :skills, :through=>:certifications

    pat.skills.size # => 5 winxp = Skill.find(13) pat.skills << winxp pat.skills.size # => 6 pat.save pat.skills(true).size # => 5

    It works since 1.2 if I'm not wrong.

    Hope to see many_more :posts

    PS : question : is winxp skill bad luck ?

  6. Jeppe Liisberg2007-10-17 20:40:14

    Hi Josh and everybody else, thanks for a fantastiv resource! I'm pretty new to rails and ruby, and this blog has helped me a lot already!

    So, I've been reading the "New on edge: Magic join model creation" post, and tried to implement the solution on rails edge (2.0 pre-release), but it seems that the ActiveRecord::Base.with_scope method has changed from public to protected scope, which makes the solution throw exeptions at You :-|

    Would be good to have that post updated...

    btw - any clue why the with_scope method changed status from public to protected?


  7. Walter McGinnis2007-11-27 03:31:23

    Eek. I'm getting bitten by with_scope, as used in http://blog.hasmanythrough.com/2006/8/19/magic-join-model-creation, now being protected in Rails 2.O.

    Have you dealt with this? If so what solution have you found?

    Cheers, Walter

  8. Walter McGinnis2007-11-27 18:45:46

    Nevermind. After I stopped freaking out about having such a critical bug, I thought about what the code was actually doing, added a class method for Contribution that is basically a wrapper of the with_scope call, called that instead from within the '<<' definitions, and DRYed up my code a bit in the process.

    Cheers, Walter

  9. Josh Susser2007-11-28 15:54:12

    Walter: Nice. I may have to use that trick in my (eventual) re-write.

  10. Jason2007-12-07 22:42:32

    Since you asked... Could you see if "The other side of polymorphic :through associations" need an update?


  11. Darius2007-12-15 17:28:18

    Walter, in the meantime, can you post that fix? I'm confused about the changing context of 'self' in "self.concat author" when sent do a wrapper method. Did you change this to explicitly be the Book class?

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