RFP: Silicon Valley Ruby Conf 2007

— January 26, 2007 at 21:40 PST

Last year I attended the first Silicon Valley Ruby Conference. As someone new to Ruby and its community, I found the conference full of useful information and interesting people. It was a very professional production too. Once again, SDForum is teaming up with Ruby Central to put on another conference. It will be April 21-22, somewhere in Silicon Valley.

The conference organizers had a few "unforeseen circumstances" crop up, so they are a bit behind in putting together the speaker program. What that means is that if you are interested in speaking at a regional Ruby conference, now's your chance as there is still time to submit a proposal.

From Mark Carey's announcement on the SFRuby list:

The SDForum Ruby Conference will be happening again this year. The dates will be April 21-22, 2007. More information will be made available as it is finalized.

At this time we'd like to ask for parties interested in presenting on a topic to submit their proposals to: proposals2007 [at] rubysf [o] net

Due to circumstances beyond our control this RFP is going out much later than we'd like, and in order to make this event come off without a hitch we will be giving priority consideration to proposals submitted by Feb 4, 2007. Proposals submitted after this date are not guaranteed to be considered, although if we can we will.

I got some additional information from Mark as well.

The conference will be "somewhere in Silicon Valley". (Last year was at TechMart in Santa Clara, and I wouldn't be surprised to see us there again). Days: Saturday/Sunday April 21-22. Hours: 9am-5pm both days.

Proposal should include:

  1. Title
  2. Basic prospectus/abstract: A concise description covering the topic and direction of the presentation.

Topics can be about anything Ruby related (not just Rails), the more hot-topic/relevant the issue, the more likely the presentation will be selected. The goal is to have the conference be relevant for the community for both experienced Rubyists and for people new to the technology.

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