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— August 10, 2006 at 22:48 PDT

I finally went and upgraded this blog to Typo 4. I'd been putting it off because I thought I could avoid it entirely. I still plan eventually to run this blog on Recon, the as-yet-incomplete Railsday project, but while it's fairly close to being ready for action, it's going to have to wait since the new startup is going to be using up my spare time for a while. I'd though if I didn't upgrade Typo that the annoyances in the old version would motivate me to finish Recon, but the (I hope you've heard of it by now) Rails security drill forced my hand.

Nice surprise, upgrading to Typo for was completely painless. No issues at all. Everything worked like a charm. I still have to merge my Scribbish customizations back into Typo's version, which is why things now look earthy brown instead of a soothing yet masculine blue. Nice little bonus from the new release: a "recent comments" module for the sidebar.

Scott Laird has been doing some great work to get Typo back on track again. Looks like the old girl's still got some life in her yet!

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  1. Piers Cawley2006-08-11 00:09:02

    A developer writes: Harrumph!

    Anyway, welcome to 4, I hope it continues to satisfy.

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