Patch test plugin: dynamic finders with belongs_to names

— July 2, 2006 at 23:07 PDT

Dynamic finders are pretty neat, but I've grown tired of having to think in terms of foreign keys instead of the names of belongs_to associations. So I fixed it.

This patch enhances dynamic finders to allow use of a belongs_to association name instead of having to use the foreign key attribute directly. For example, these two lines are equivalent:

posts = Post.find_all_by_author_id(
posts = Post.find_all_by_author(author)

Of course, that makes more of a difference when the association name and foreign key name differ more. But I think that makes dynamic finders a bit more transparent and easier to use.

I'll be submitting this as a patch fairly soon, but first I wanted to toss it out into the wild to see how well it works. I've written unit tests, but for something like this I'd feel just slightly better knowing a few people have given it a try first. So I've packaged the patch as a plugin to make it easy for you to try it out.


Give it a shot, and either email me or leave a comment here to let me know if it works or if it breaks something.

UPDATE: I've fixed the plugin so that the monkey patch loads properly now. If it wasn't working for you before, update to the new version and try it again now. Thanks!

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  1. Simon Harris2006-07-02 23:49:45


    Not sure I'll have time to test it much but it's something that's always bugged me and now you've fixed it :)

    Hope the patch gets in.

  2. Remco van 't Veer2006-07-03 01:05:06

    Why not say:

      posts = author.posts

    Can you give an example where I would want a find method like this instead?

  3. Ted2006-07-03 05:44:38

    Sweet! I'll definitely give it a whirl the next time I start up RadRails :-) Sadly, I've not touched a line of Rails code in so long, predating RailsConf even. I miss it :-\

  4. Carl Fyffe2006-07-03 08:01:01


    Check out his previous post about Working with the relationship model.

    This now makes a three line solution into a one liner. Very nifty.

  5. fabio2006-07-05 18:52:32

    This is wonderful! I wonder if it would be possible to do the same thing with this syntax:

    posts = Post.find(:all, :by => {:author => author})

    I tend to prefer this way, but it's probably just a preference. Also, not sure if this is out of the scope of this article.

    Thanks for your work.

  6. Josh Susser2006-07-05 19:34:06

    @fabio: Edge rails already supports half of what you want. You can now just pass a hash as as the value for the :conditions option, and the finder will turn it into the correct expressions for the WHERE clause. However I don't think it works with the belongs_to names. You should also check out the ez_where plugin for enhanced query conditions.

  7. fabio2006-07-05 19:58:15

    sorry for the double post, just an additional thought.

    posts = Post.find(:all, :by => {:author => author})

    could be refactored down using some fancy meta-programming footwork to:

    assume you've already done dhh = author.find_by_fname("David")

    and dhh == 12

    posts = Post.find(:all, :by => dhh)

    You could then do dhh.class to find out what type of object it is and use that to construct the sql:

    SELECT * FROM posts WHERE author_id = 12

  8. S. Brent Faulkner2006-07-06 19:00:40

    This did not work for me initially. As is, I got...

    undefined method `find_all_by_author' for Post:Class

    To get this to work I had to package the plugin a bit differently. I put the patch code in lib/dynamic_finders_with_belongs_to_names.rb and changed the contents of init.rb to just...

    require 'dynamic_finders_with_belongs_to_names'

    Then, it worked. Thanks for the patch (and for indirectly helping me sort out how to make my own work).

  9. Josh Susser2006-07-06 23:25:35

    Brent: oh duh. I was wondering why some people were having trouble loading the patch. I'll put together a new version with your fix. Thanks.

  10. Scott Burton2006-07-14 13:11:04

    Ah nice, it's the little things in life.

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