Twixt RailsDay and RailsConf

— June 20, 2006 at 10:05 PDT

RailsDay was pretty amazing. I teamed up with Chris Wanstrath and Andre Lewis to create a collaborative publishing thing that was a convergence of blog, wiki and forum based on the ideas that information evolves over time and context is decisive. What we got done in 24 hours was pretty impressive (given the constraints imposed by the contest rules), but unfortunately it's not quite ready for prime time yet. We may not have been as polished as some of the other apps, but at least we tried to do something original. All three of us want to keep working on it to get it running the way we want it to, so we should have something worth checking out fairly soon. It's so close I can see it's going to be pretty spiffy when it's done.

And of course RailsConf gets going on Thursday. The conference organizers put up a facebook for conference participants. What a cool idea. If you are attending, go create a profile and upload a picture, bio and contact info. Also check out the schedule so you can start wringing your hands over which sessions you have to miss because they are up against another really good one. Choosing between Geoffrey and Amy is going to be hard!

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  1. topfunky2006-06-20 14:58:24

    It is a hard choice.

    I haven't decided yet which one I'll attend.

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