Critical mass

— June 13, 2006 at 09:51 PDT

Last night's SF Ruby Meetup was amazing. There were something like 100 people there, maybe a few more. This group has totally blown up since I started attending a couple months ago. Seems to be doubling in size every month. At this rate of acceleration, the group will be 5000 people by the end of the year :-) CNET was a great host - nice big room with good A/V system, and free food at the break even. Hear that, Adaptive Path? You're going to have to go all out next month to measure up to the new hosting standard!

Speaking of Adaptive Path, besides offering to host the July meetup, they have also turned into the Fairy Godmother of Railsday here in SF. Last night David Verba announced they want to support any SF teams by delivering pizza or other goodies to them throughout the day. Woot! When I have more info on how to get the magic pumpkin delivery, I'll post it here.

UPDATE: David Verba says if you are in SF and want to get in on the Adaptive Path Railsday support, email railsday at adaptivepath dot com

Counting down: 3 days to Railsday, 9 days to RailsConf.

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  1. PJ Hyett2006-06-13 12:23:08

    That's a generous offer on Adaptive Path's behalf for Railsday (I'll be working on my project at CNET in case someone from there is reading this ;-)), but given that I was sitting on the floor when there were only 40 people at the meetup in May, I'm not sure that their building is the best venue for the group at this point.

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