SF Ruby Meetup tonight

— May 9, 2006 at 10:39 PDT

Reminder for SF Bay Area folks: Tonight is the monthly SF Ruby Meetup. I'll be doing a short presentation on how to contribute to the Rails open source project. (I'll post the slides later this week.)

But how cool is this...? The meeting is going to be at the offices of Adaptive Path, and Ryan Carver is going to talk about Measure Map, their blog traffic monitoring app they just sold to Google.

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  1. Alex Wayne2006-05-09 10:55:08

    It's kinda neat to have the writer of a blog I read be presenting. I'll be there, it should be awesome.

  2. Pradeep Sethi2006-05-09 23:36:00

    I got an oppurtunity to attend the presentation. It was awesome. Thanks Josh!

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