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— April 4, 2006 at 20:09 PDT

I was going to go to the Canada on Rails conference at the end of next week, but I've changed my mind and have decided to go to the Silicon Valley Ruby Conference later this month instead. CoR looks like it will be really good but it's a lot of travel, and SVRC is a mere 45 minute drive away. SVRC also looks like it's going to be a good event - I'm looking forward to learning about Zen Test and TDD in particular.

Speaking of meeting in meatspace, does anyone know of a San Francisco Rails user group? If not, is anyone interested in getting one going? I know of the ba-rb group, but haven't yet been to any of their meetings. If any Rails developers in SF either have a regular meeting or want to start one, I'm interested.

By the way, welcome to everyone who just started reading this blog. David Heinemeier Hansson gave me a shout out on Riding Rails yesterday, and suddenly my traffic has gone up by a factor of ten! Luckily I had just whipped my blog into shape so it was able to handle the traffic without too much trouble. Kudos to the Typo team for making it so easy.

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  1. BillSaysThis2006-04-04 20:30:30

    Actually, most ba-rb meetings are in San Francisco. For instance, the Beer & Scripting SIG usually meets at Wild Pepper (3601 26th St.; SF, CA) late in the month. The South Bay, I'm in Mountain View, is generally lacking in events.

  2. dburkes2006-04-04 22:46:04

    Hi Josh- enjoyed meeting you at Getting Real last week. As I said then, I would definitely be interested in a Rails group in SF. What we need first is a venue...any ideas?

  3. Josh Susser2006-04-05 12:01:12

    @Bill: thanks for the tip. From the chatter on the email list it seemed like ba-rb always met in the South Bay. I'll keep a look out for the announcement for the next Beer & Scripting (that sounds like trouble!).

  4. Chris2006-04-05 22:56:21

    The SF Ruby User Group meets next Monday --

    Not Rails specific but, you know... Ruby.

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