— April 2, 2006 at 14:59 PDT

Seems like I have a bit of work to do to get this blog operating in a more stable fashion. I thought the DreamHost upgrade to 1.1 snafu was responsible for some of the error pages, but that should have calmed down days ago. I'm going to upgrade Typo and get running on Rails 1.1 and see if that helps any, but I suspect at least some of the problems have to do with my production configuration and DreamHost gotchas.

If this blog is unavailable for some time today, it's probably because I'm trying to whip it into shape. With luck it won't take too long. Of course, if anyone has advice on how to tune a Typo blog on DreamHost, I'm all ears...

UPDATE: I tried this hack, and it looks like I'm not getting the errors anymore. I think I'll wait for a bit before I upgrade Typo and see if this is really the ticket. (I hate changing multiple things at once. I'm a fan of isolating changes so you can tell which change does what.)

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