Missing out on Canada on Rails

— April 14, 2006 at 09:29 PDT

I knew when I made the decision to skip Canada on Rails in favor of the local Silicon Valley Ruby Conference that I'd miss being there at least a little bit. Sounds like it's been a pretty interesting time so far. Wish I could have done both, but oh well.

I haven't found a lot of posts with good info on the conference, but here's what I've turned up so far:

Alex Combas wrote up a nice summary of day one, including the best explanation of DHH's hotly debated "two words" I've seen so far. Just remember, context is crucial.

Tim Bray also has a good writeup of the first day.

And Myers Carpenter (the guy I sold my ticket to!) has been blogging copiously about the conference.

I'll add more links here as I find them, filtered for useful content.

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