hosts upgrade to 1.1 - DOOM!

— March 28, 2006 at 20:25 PST

Seems like a lot of shared hosts upgraded to Rails 1.1 today, breaking many apps including every Typo blog installation. DreamHost (my host), TextDrive, Site5, etc.

Unfortunately the DreamHost upgrade was so broke that the rails command won't work (so no generating a new app), and neither will rake. Looks like someone forget to test things! But the upshot is you can't use the rake command to get back on a frozen 1.0 release.

Here's a workaround that should let your app run:

cd [RAILS_ROOT]/vendor
svn export "" rails

This will create a rails directory in vendor that holds the 1.0 release, and should let your app operate again. Worked for me.

UPDATE: Sorry about the previous tip that used a tarball of the 1.0 release. The tarball was actually of a project with the Rails release in the vendor directory, so it was slightly ugly to unpack. The svn recipe above does work for me - I just verified it to make sure.

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  1. Jake Good2006-03-29 05:41:46

    Thanks... appreciate the testing! I was waiting for my procs to die off and hopefully by then someone would have figured it out!

  2. JP2006-03-29 09:13:02

    What is the rails root? Thanks.

  3. Josh Susser2006-03-29 09:21:47

    @JP: [RAILS_ROOT] means the path for the directory of your Rails application.

  4. Josh Susser2006-03-29 09:33:24

    @Jake: If you don't want to wait for zombie procs to die off, you can just kill them manually. Assuming you are using the fcgi dispatcher:

    > killall -9 dispatch.fcgi

    Note that if you are running multiple Rails apps (e.g. if you host multiple domains), this command zaps the dispatchers for all your apps.

  5. Scott Becker2006-03-29 09:37:33

    I posted a slight variation on this on my blog, showing how to use one copy of the gems and symlink it to multiple apps.

  6. JP2006-03-29 09:39:25

    Thanks, josh. I am really new to this. What might that root look like?



  7. Josh Susser2006-03-29 09:48:47

    @JP: That looks about right. Slight correction, "vendor" isn't the root, "/home/username/domain" is. And on unix you can type that "~/domain", as "~" is shorthand for your home directory.

  8. JP2006-03-29 09:52:04

    Never mind about the last comment. I figured it out. Is there some other step after installation of rails to get the previously runnig app to work?

  9. JP2006-03-29 09:52:41

    Thanks! This is a tremendous help!

  10. Abizer Nasir2006-03-29 09:56:51

    Once again, you've helped me out.

    In my case I updated to the latest trunk version from the command, but because I couldn't get to the admin page I was having problems till I ran

    rake migrate environment=production.
  11. JP2006-03-29 10:01:56

    I am up and running again. Thanks so much, Josh. It just took a minute for the app to restart after installing rails.

  12. JonGretar2006-03-29 11:25:37

    There is a SVN branch of typo that seems to be fully 1.1 compatable.

    Check it out:

    Your site seems to be very unstable at the moment so you should check this one out.... rake migrate is needed afterwards.

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