— March 24, 2006 at 10:33 PST

Last night I upgraded this blog from Typo 2.6.0 to the current trunk version. I upgraded so I could get access to tags and get trackbacks to work. Of course I still can't get either of those things working, so I need to do a bit more work. Or find something to read that explains how to use them.

The upgrade worked, but it broke the Lush theme I was using, so I'm now looking for a new theme, hopefully one that isn't so intensive with the images. I think Brighthouse looks promising, though if I go that way I'm going to have to do something about the neon green.

By the way, Typo migration 23 has a bug that broke my upgrade and forced me to rollback and try again. Thank the tiny gods I backed up my database before attempting the migration.

Update: Right. I forgot that I was using the version of Lush that was tweaked to run on Typo 2.6.0, so of course it broke. Anyway, I decided to go with Scribbish because I like how simple it is and it's easy to modify. I also like that it doesn't have a lot of images in the layout. I'll probably tweak it a bit and make the colors less blah, but for now it looks like a winner. Let me know if there's anything wonky about it, OK?

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  1. abizer2006-03-24 15:03:46

    You aren't the only one having problems with trackbacks in Typo.

    I like the clean look of this theme. Lush is nice, but it is a bit intense - I'll stick with it until I find something to replace it with that I don't just revert after a couple of hours.

  2. Josh Susser2006-03-24 15:51:24

    @abizer: What problems are you having with trackbacks? Me, I can't even figure out to make one! I guess I need to find some writeup on how to use them.

    If you want a theme of your own, I recommend Scribbish, the one I'm using. It's made to be easily customized, so you can do what you want with it.

  3. abizer2006-03-25 00:51:56

    Josh, trackbacks don't work, and email notifications don't work.

    I shouldn't really complain. I went to Typo as an excuse to get more into Rails. Documentation is sparse, although a little searching gets some help. That's how I found this blog.

    For now, to generate trackbacks, I just Google for a web-based trackback ping generator.

  4. JonGretar2006-03-29 10:32:52

    Hey... Lush needed just minimal changes to support the latest trunk. I'm using the lates SVN on

    I'll be happy to zip the modified lush theme and send you if you are interested.

  5. Josh Susser2006-03-29 10:39:45

    @JonGretar: Thanks, but I'm happy with Scribbish. While I miss some of its nice features, Lush was just too crazy for me. (And what's up with those dirty ladybugs?) I'm sticking with simplicity for now.

  6. Packagethief2006-03-31 12:43:21

    Hey, glad you like Scribbish. Also, nice blog. Peter Cooper has even described it as "probably the best new Rails blog around at the moment." Good work!

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