— March 18, 2006 at 11:06 PST

A former co-worker passed along this cool pointer to me. It won Best in Show at Under the Radar this year.

DabbleDB is an amazingly nifty tool for working with data. Watch the video and be impressed. Oh yeah, it's written in Smalltalk. Woo!

The video shows how, using Dabble, a single spreadsheet of data can be massaged into a collection of related tables. One of the cooler things was watching the extraction of repeated data into a related table. I kept thinking, this would be a very slick way to create models in Rails. I could almost see the associations being written as the relationships were being created.

The Dabble site doesn't say anything about creating a custom UI or application logic on top of the data, but it seems like a natural progression to me. Since it will provide an API for doing mashups, that may not be too hard to do.

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