test modified rake task

— February 28, 2006 at 09:24 PST

When I took the wonderful Pragmatic Rails Studio in January, Dave Thomas described the rake recent task that runs tests for all app files that have been modified in the last 10 minutes. I asked Dave if there was a rake task for running tests on all files that had been modified since last subversion update/commit. He said I should write one, so I did.

You can grab it from the goodies collection: test_modified.rake. Let me know if it has any issues.

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  1. topfunky2006-04-21 20:53:12

    See also autotest for an automated solution that does a svn update at regular intervals and runs all updated tests.

  2. Phil Hagelberg2006-07-02 19:50:39

    Ha ha--I "stole your idea and submitted it to rails":http://technomancy.us/blog/post/35.

    Ok, so yours is better.

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