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— February 27, 2006 at 21:45 PST

I'm starting this geek blog as a way to become part of the Ruby on Rails development community. I got turned on to Rails last year, thanks to a clever coworker (Hi, Gregg!) who was very much taken with it. Since then I've been studying up on it, building some toy websites for friends, and working on some experimental prototypes as learning exercises.

I'll add more background about my history and goals for using Rails later. For now I'm going to kick Typo around a bit and make sure it's working right.

So welcome to my blog. Feel free to say hi.

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  1. dylan2006-02-28 09:44:05

    first post ! :)

    keep up the good work Josh ! are you coming to RailsConf ?

  2. Josh Susser2006-02-28 09:51:51

    Hey Dylan. Yes, I'm going to be at RailsConf. And since my middle name is "Overkill", I'm going to Canada on Rails too - I just can't say no to a trip to Vancouver that's not in the middle of winter.

  3. Mike Hagedorn2006-02-28 09:57:38

    Hey Josh! I was at the denver class too... good work and I will be at railsconf too! Woot!


  4. dylan2006-02-28 10:07:53

    Nice ! Since I've got the wee one at home, I'm only taking one trip... but wanted to go to the Canada event soooo bad.

    Have fun... and.... be sure to blog about the event as it's happening. That's a tried and true method of truly de-virginizing your new blog :D

  5. Gregg2006-02-28 10:28:11

    Wow, it's a little weird to be reading a blog post and see your name called out in it! I think I'm less clever and more just paying attention to the right people. :-)

    Congrats on the blog. Subscribed!

  6. Josh Susser2006-02-28 11:17:20

    So you're saying it's not what you know, it's who you know? :-)

  7. Gregg2006-02-28 20:27:04

    You know it!

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