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— December 27, 2006 at 01:16 PST

...same as the old blog. But it has the advantage of actually working. For some reason known only to a select cadre of gremlins, my old Typo blog stopped working. It would show contents, but it wouldn't save new articles or comments. So I moved over to Mephisto, and now everything is hunky-dory.

I had to do a fair bit of work to the typo-to-mephisto converter to get things to convert properly. I've given those changes to Rick and he's going to merge them in sometime soon (so he's promised). I also did some hacking on the Scribbish theme to make it work the way I wanted. Now it supports static pages, and I've put all the css files into just one to avoid the multiple downloads and tweak the styling a bit.

Next up I want to add AJAX comment previewing to Mephisto. And I'll probably have to play around with the spam filters some. Oy, that's not going to be fun.

Now that this thing is working again I can get back to blogging. Sheesh. Sorry to everyone who posted comments but they didn't stick.

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  1. W. Andrew Loe III2006-12-31 23:56:17

    How were you successfully able to import your categories and assignments as sections into Mephisto? All I got were my tags.

  2. Josh Susser2007-01-01 02:29:19

    Andrew: As I said, "I had to do a fair bit of work to the typo-to-mephisto converter to get things to convert properly." One of the improvements I made was to get the category -> section conversion working. Rick has checked in that change to trunk, so it's now available for anyone running trunk Mephisto.

    Exercise left for the reader: fix the converter to maintain the old typo permalink values. I looked into doing this but couldn't figure out why it wasn't already working. As I'd already fixed the broken permalinks by hand, it wasn't worth tracking down the problem for myself.

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