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— October 19, 2006 at 10:03 PDT

I'm very disappointed to have to report that I won't be going to RubyConf as I had planned. I got pretty sick with a nasty fever a few days ago. I'm on the mend now as of this morning, but not up to traveling and I have no voice to speak of (or with). There's a chance I might be able to speak for an hour on Saturday, but at best I'd sound like Harvey Fierstein after a few packs. I'm seriously bummed I'm missing out on the conference and getting to do my talk. Oh well, life happens.

I'll probably wait a month or two and do the talk at one of the local events like the SF Ruby Meetup or the SDForum Ruby SIG. If it's well received I might try and submit it to RailsConf next year.

All you folks who are at RubyConf, have a great time and post lots of pictures.

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  1. Deirdre Saoirse Moen2006-10-19 13:00:28

    Sorry to hear you won't be at RubyConf, but you'll have your fellow caboosers to hang with.

    Get better quickly!

  2. rabble2006-10-20 15:04:12

    Sorry you're not going to be here! Get better.

    I'll see you at the next ruby meetup.


  3. topfunky2006-10-20 19:07:04

    You are missed! Get well.

  4. k-dub2006-10-20 21:55:39

    Too bad, I was looking forward to "More than enough rope to hang yourself".

  5. Brian Takita2006-10-24 00:30:48

    Yes, I would love to hear your talk at the SF meetup.

  6. Scott2006-10-24 12:26:17

    Those of us that were looking forward to hearing your talk at RubyConf and who don't live anywhere near the West Coast, would still like to hear it too! Any way you could be talked into posting a (perhaps shorter) version of it on your blog?

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